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Quick Tip for Attending Events: Pack a Purse Snack

by caroline

Last night Dan and I attended an artists’ event to support a local organization, Blue Sky Project, which invites professional artists from around the world and Dayton-area teens to create new works of contemporary art. It’s an awesome program and one that I whole-heartedly support in its efforts to cultivate artistic interest amongst today’s youth.

One thing about attending events: It’s tough to pick out “safe” munchies amongst the typical hand-passed appetizers fare that is served at these gatherings. (This goes for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan peeps, and those with food allergies, too!)  Sure, there are the veggie trays (stick to just the veggies, no dressing), but I’ve learned packing a bar in my purse saves me from my obnoxiously hungry stomach interrupting time meant for socializing. Plus, I have low blood sugar and something about fainting in the middle of a classy event just doesn’t say, “Boy, she’s cool.”

So, the bar goes in the purse. (Boys, you can stick it in your jacket or pants pocket — just be careful not to sit on it!) Even if I don’t end up needing it, it’s nice to have it in there as reassurance. Last night I did need a snack, so this Pure bar was eaten in pieces throughout the two-hour event. I’ve learned the art of stepping away from a conversation for “a drink” and sneaking a piece of a bar from my purse while making my way to a semi-secluded spot. I’ve carried half of one in my hand with a drink and no one notices — they’re too wrapped up in conversation to say, “Hey, what’s that?” At the very least, you’ll have it for the ride home — and be glad you do.

Just a tip!