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Quite a "View" of the GF Elisabeth Hasselbeck

by thegspot

No matter what your opinion is of Elisabeth Hasselbeck chances are she already has an opinion of you. 

Oh, wait …. (Just jokes, E.H.)

What we meant to say was this: No matter your opinion of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her viewpoints on various subjects, there is one very undeniable truth about the gal — she's workin' it to get the message our about a gluten-free lifestyle.

In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Hasselbeck talked about her experience with transitioning into a gluten-free lifestyle as a result of a Celiac disease diagnosis and shared an excerpt from her book, The G-Free Diet. With a motto like, "A diet for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle," Hasselbeck focuses more on gluten-free eating as a way of life than solely addressing Celiac disease. This seems to have peeved a few Celiacs, but we disagree. Is eating gluten-free tough? Absolutely. Does it mean that other people can't reap the rewards of leading a GF lifestyle just because they won't start convulsing if flour spends a minute on their lips? No. Sure, it's a tad bit irritating when some people take what is a necessary life decision for others and make it a fad, but who are we to judge? We're too busy enjoying our gluten-free chocolate chip cookies anyway …

So, take a peek at the video, and, of course, the book. And better yet, download this just-launched nifty app which includes tools for finding GF restaurants, what to avoid in terms of menu speak and how to make a request to a server to ensure your meal is gluten-free. Love it!