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Remembrance Cakes for 9-11

by caroline

9-11 Remembrance –


“Life changes in the instant. In the ordinary instant.” — Joan Didion

September 11, 2001 started out a day like any other. New Yorkers were boarding subways to go to work. Children were making their way to school. The air was crisp and it was one of those perfect fall days, marked by a stroll through Central Park to admire the changing leaves or a pumpkin spice latte special to the season.

It was an ordinary day. And it changed in an ordinary instant.

There were no warnings that life as we knew it was about to change forever. No fireworks, trumpets or grand parades. There was nothing extraordinary about the day other than the fact that we were living — exceptional on it’s own, yes, but not hinting at what was to come.

When the World Trade Center fell, I was a senior in high school and sitting in biology class. It was terrifying and impossible to believe. It was like watching the world happen in slow motion.

One whole decade has nearly passed since that day, but the need to remember the terrible tragedy is just as strong. People across the globe will mark the day with candlelight vigils, remembrance ceremonies, road races, fundraisers and more.

We will make cake.

The wonderful Marla at Family Fresh Cooking is asking bloggers everywhere to bake Remembrance Cakes for 9-11. Choose the cake, muffin or cupcake of your choice and post it on Sunday, September 11th. You can find more details from Marla, here.

Be sure to spread the word to everyone you know! Use the hashtag #cakes2remember on Twitter and Faceboook and encourage friends, family and fellow bloggers to participate. You can also get a badge to use on your blog.

I’ll be baking. Will you?