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Review of Gluten-Free Pita Bread

by caroline

The other day I received these gluten-free pitas in the mail from GFL Foods and I was all oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-freaking-wait-to-try-these. That’s because pita bread is one of those non-gluten-free foods that can be tough to find a substitute for — and I miss it!

The bread arrives unfrozen, but the instructions tell you to pop them in the freezer right away in order to ensure the best quality. Then, you just take one out as needed, warming it by putting it in the microwave or oven. I toasted mine and barely let it cool before stuffing it to the max with tuna and sprouts. I think I went a little too crazy because I cracked the bread a bit. Oops …

But it still managed to hold its own. Look how it stayed together despite my overzealous stuffing …

The bread was so yummy! I was so happy to have pita back in my life again and loved that this one didn’t taste dry or flavor-less like some of the others I have tried. It even has a very mild salty taste to it that just adds somethin’ special. It’s a little pricey ($9.00 for 6 + shipping), but I feel like pita is a every-once-and-awhile bread anyway. So, the cost kind of spreads itself out. Plus, I always try to think: “How much would I spend if I was in a restaurant?” This sandwich was about $2.00 – $3.00 (with the tuna and sprouts), so I would say that’s a deal!

I packed a PB&J one for the car today and it looks equally delicious (in its own right, of course). ;)

Thanks to GFL Foods for making my pita bread day(s)!


Question for you: Do you think the high price tag for some specialty gluten-free food items is worth it? How do you balance it with other expenses?