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Schooled By a Kindergartner

by caroline

I've been busy having a fantastic day with two of my favorite gals, my wonderful cousin and goddaughter, Chloe, and her younger sister, Ella. I felt so "special" to receive a phone call from my Uncle Russell yesterday when he informed me that I was Chloe's choice for "Bring A Special Person to School Day" … how cool am I?!

I had a great morning with Chloe, and I was quickly reminded of the endless energy children have and just how much I miss it! This girl holds a a special place in my soul and I feel so fortunate for every moment I share with her.

And now, Ella is visiting and spreading her infectious joy. Her wonder for life never ceases to amaze me. I leave you with this thought, straight from Beans (Ella's nickname) herself. I was pumping gas today and got it all over my hands. Then, I went grocery shopping and a bottle of soap also leaked on my hands. I complained and Miss Ella looked at me and said, "Well, at least they don't smell like gas."

Straight-up sensibility from a kindergartner. 


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