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See Ya at Nuun.

by caroline

Today started off fan-effing-tastic because I got to RUN!

There was one little glitch at the 2.63-mile mark where my calf started to grab, so I walked it out for 2 minutes. But other than that, I felt great. When I felt my calf acting up, my initial thought was “I’m just going to push through this.” But I decided to do the right thing and let it take its time getting back into running. It’s tough to give in — the psycho runner in me says, “I can’t stop. What if someone sees me stop? (Horror!) A real runner wouldn’t stop.” But I keep telling myself that easing into this will allow me the opportunity to be a stronger runner and, of course, keep running.

So, the workout looked like this:

Start → mile 1: 7:40 (Tried to take it slow, but ended up taking it out a little fast. Oops.)

Mile 1 → to 2.63-mile marker: 21:40 (Pulled back a bit; stopped at 2.63 to walk through calf pain.)

21:40 → 23:40: Walked 2 minutes

23:40 → 26:40: Ran it in

Total: 3.08 miles @ 26:40 (including 2-minute walk; Overall pace (with walk) = 8:39-minute miles

I don’t know what was with all of the :40 times today, but it completely happened by chance. Weird! As I already mentioned, I took the first mile out a little fast for just getting back into the game, but I guess I was a little excited to start running. It’s tough to pull it back when you know you can (and have) accomplish faster times, but I’m really hell-bent on doing this the right way.

I came home and stretched it out, and sampled one of these Nuun tablets that I picked up during a recent visit to our local Runners Plus store. Nuun (pronounced “Noon”) is a sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan electrolyte drink tablet that works like other sports drinks without all of the unnecessary additives.

All you do is drop one tablet into 16 ounces of water and you’re good-to-go! It fizzes like Alka-Seltzer, but tastes delicious. very light and refreshing!

I’m not knocking Gatorade because Lord knows there are some days when water just won’t do and my favorite lemon lime drink does the trick. But when you compare the stats with Nuun’s it’s hard to not see the logic in choosing the option that is better for you. At 50 calories and 14 grams of sugar per 8 oz., plus additives, like sucralose (artificial sweetener used in some sugar-free flavors) and food color dyes (red 40 and yellow 5, amongst others), Gatorade may replace electrolytes, but it’s not exactly healthy. Nuun has 8 calories per serving (one tablet), no sugar, and vitamins, like calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B2.

And yummy flavors, too! Like, tri-berry, lemon lime, strawberry lemonade and cucumber mint. I want them all! I am hooked on these tablets and will definitely be using them after the tough summer runs to come. How tasty is that?


Happy Friday!