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the inside scoop

by caroline

Hiya, chickadees! Ready to learn more about how to navigate this new site? Here we go!

First, let me tell you a bit more about how the site came into fruition. As many of you know, I started my blog, The G-Spot Revolution in 2011. Since then, the site has grown into a wonderful community of like-minded healthy people who are seeking to live a beautiful, balance and gluten-free life.

During that time, I also wrote a book that is set to release in January 2014. That book, The Gluten-Free Revolution, takes the premise of The G-Spot Revolution (“because a healthy life shouldn’t be hard to find.”) and shows its readers exactly what a balanced gluten-free lifestyle looks like. That means plenty of smoothies, veggies, fruits and other healthy ingredients are on the menu, as are the sweets that make this world go round: cookies, cupcakes, pop-’em-in-your-mouth treats and more. What’s more, the book includes fitness tips and DIY home beauty treatments that round out the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

It was that premise that inspired me to grow The G-Spot Revolution into a larger, more well-rounded site for people from all walks of life to enjoy. Sure, we love our gluten-free eats, but many of us also like to test out vegan recipes, learn new fitness tips, score a stellar manicure or create a new lovely space in our homes.

That’s what this site is here to do. As we grow and expand, you’ll not only score new recipes, but learn from fitness experts, DIY gurus, beauty mavens and real people who are seeking the best version of their big, beautiful lives.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Once I had those details in place, I got down to business and organized the site layout, including the Recipes, Lifestyle and Blog section I will talk more about in a bit. The illustrations of the girl with blue hair came from graphic designer, Jon Brentzel (absolutely ♥ him). Bless his soul! He took each one of my very long, rambling emails about what I wanted her to represent and turned it into the wonderful illustrations you can now see throughout the site. There’s a lot of me in there (e.g. I wanted her ponytail to be messy like mine) with, of course, some additional perks that come along with her being a cartoon!



Ok, now that we have all of that settled, let’s get down to the navigational details. First, the homepage:



1. Home: You can always get back to the homepage by clicking on the “Sincerely Caroline” logo or “Home” option in the second menu bar. The rest of the second menu bar’s navigational items include the About section, where you can read more about the site’s roots; Media, which will be developed soon; and Contact, the spot you’ll head if you want to get in touch with me.

2. Main Menu Bar: Click on Book to learn more about my forthcoming book, The Gluten-Free Revolution; Recipes for a searchable index of yummy dishes; Lifestyle for articles ranging from fitness tips to DIY home ideas; and Blog for where it all started — a more personal look at my life experiences.

3. The Navigational Links: Anytime you see a green, ovular button with an arrow, like the “Welcome” one above, then that is your cue to click to be taken to the content you are seeking.

4. Slider Arrows: The gray arrows on the homepage slides allow you to skip forward or backward through the featured content on the main page.


Homepage Features: This feature section sits directly below the main slider section on the homepage. This section will always be updated with the latest content and is there for your clicking pleasure!



1. Newsletter: Click in the box that says “Enter your email address” to register for the weekly newsletter. When you have finished entering your email address, click the gray arrow and you’re all set! Note: We won’t send you more than one email per week!

2. Social Mediums and Contact Links: From left to right you will find the following social mediums, FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+Instagram, RSS Feed, YouTube and Email.



1. Search Bar: Click in the “Search” box and type in the terms, article or recipe ingredients you are seeking.

2. Footer Categories: This is just another spot where you can navigate to your favorite content items. Divided by Blog, Recipe and Lifestyle entries, each section showcases the site’s top categories and recipes.



Section Dropdown Menus: Whether your favorite section is Recipes, Lifestyle or the Blog, each right-hand sidebar features a search bar and dropdown menu that is specific to that section. For example, if I am visiting Recipes and I am seeking veggie tacos, then I would simply type “veggie tacos” into the gray search bar. On the other hand, I can also just click “Browse Recipes” and navigate to “Dinners” to find the recipe.



Search By Ingredient: The Recipes section has an extra search feature that allows you to just search recipes by your favorite ingredient. Simply click the term, like “pumpkin” to find recipes that contain that ingredient.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 5.48.53 PM


Socialize & Comments Section: You will find a “Socialize!” section at the bottom of each post and page. This is where you can “Like” a particular piece of content if you are logged into your Facebook account; click “Tweet” if you want to share it on Twitter; and/or click the “g +1” button to share an item on your Google+ page. This is also where you can see relevant tags and navigate to the next post. As for commenting, we are trying something new where readers can comment if they are logged into their Facebook account. Nowadays, it seems like users are shirking typical comments, instead choosing to comment or share through various social mediums. What do you think? This is not set in stone, so we would love to hear your feedback!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.52.06 PM

One other housekeeping note: When the Facebook page was transferred to its new Sincerely Caroline page, some of the users were lost. I don’t know what happened on Facebook’s end, but if you are interested in following via Facebook, then make sure you “LIKE” the page. You can also subscribe to the page in order to make sure posts appear on your homepage. All you have to do is navigate to Sincerely Caroline‘s page, scroll to the main navigation bar, click “Liked” and select “Show in Newsfeed.” It’s easy and guarantees you won’t miss a thing!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.59.35 PM

That’s pretty much it! Like I said when we first launched the site, we are still working through growing pains, in addition to cleaning everything up and making sure all of the recipes that were on the original site are transferred over to this site. If you are seeking a recipe that you can’t find on the site, then please email me at and I will make sure you receive it!

Happy Monday, cupcakes!