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by caroline

This month’s issue of Breathe magazine features a few recipes by yours truly and I thought it was about time I posted the easy-to-print versions here for your snacking pleasure. All of the treats are gluten-free and vegan, and easy to pack for summer travel. Bonus: They’re bound to help keep you from taking a detour down fast food lane!

First off, make sure you check out the full article for some tasty suggestions for drinks that can be paired with the recipes:

As for the easy-peasy recipes, you can get them all right here by clicking the “Print Me!” link above each photo …

Chocolate Cherry Cereal Clusters (Print me!)

Cinnamon and Sugar Kettle Corn (Print me!)

Key Lime Cashew Bars (Print me!)

All of these recipes are equally snack-a-licious, but it must be noted that I am completely obsessed with the Key Lime Cashew bars. They are so simple to make, and the hint of fresh lime makes them absolutely delightful.

Here’s to a weekend of whipping up some fun recipes — HAPPY FRIDAY!! ♥