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Somewhere Over the Thousand Islands

by caroline

True story: There’s yoga … and then, there’s yoga by the water.

See that little oasis above? That’s where my sister, Amanda, and I did yoga this morning with River Yoga, a local yoga group that provides weekly waterfront sessions for the community.

It was the first time I took this class and I am so glad we decided to participate. It was a completely different experience than the yoga classes to which I am accustomed. I typically take hot yoga and seriously sweat my way through a series of intense yoga poses — I love that. But there is also something to be said for a session that allows you to just breathe the moment in, listening to the sounds around you and feeling the energy generated by the people with whom you share the room.

Two more things that made this practice extra special:

1. The 80- to 90-year-old woman who came around and gave us each a massage, using the peaceful smelling Badger Balm. She came behind me and said, “Are you OK with touch?” My response: “Yes, please.” Her hands completely rocked my world.

2. You know the oh-so-amazing woman I just mentioned? She also has an über talented daughter, Monica, who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during Savasana. I can honestly and truly say I have never heard someone just stand up and start singing — sans music — who sounded as beautiful as this woman. It added a wonderful element to the session.

And check out this yoga view:

No complaints here. :)

Now I’m feeling all centered and meditate-y, and ready to conquer the day! Namaste y’all.