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Soy It Ain't So.

by caroline

Ugh. It was one rough night for this gal.

To be more clear, ever since I have freed myself from the pains of gluten, I have noticed that I am much more able to pinpoint the little things that affect my ultra-sensitive body. Like the fact that last week’s uncanny spring-like weather was also the reason behind the hives that kept creeping up on my face and neck. Or the fact that every time I eat tofu, I feel ridiculously ill.

Like last night.

Now that I no longer have gluten as the culprit behind my tummy woes, I’ve begun to notice that soy seems to take a harsh toll on my digestive system. So, when I suggested Dan make me crispy tofu last night, he — knowing my concerns — kind of raised his eyebrows at me, like, “Are you sure?”

But I wanted to see if I would be OK. And I really was hopeful that I would.

Boy, was I wrong. Within 30 – 40 minutes after eating, my stomach started to cramp and make the obscene noises I once only associated with gluten consumption. Five minutes later, I was in the bathroom.


I am not quite sure yet what this means for me, but I know I’m onto something. Whether it’s a soy allergy or sensitivity, it doesn’t make my body happy and it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

Do any of you have issues with soy? Can you offer any insight?