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by caroline

As you may have heard, we’ve been enjoying a lot of this lately …

… but there have also been a lot of yummy eats. Like this one my sister, Amanda, made last night:

Vegan, gluten-free stuffed cabbage! Her original recipe was made with BOCA Ground Crumbles, but we had to nix that because of the fact that the third ingredient listed in BOCA crumbles is wheat gluten (in addition to malt extract and wheat starch later down the list).

On vacation, we designate a “dinner schedule” where we divvy up responsibilities for who will prepare dinner and who will be cleaning up from it. Sounds a little we’re-five-years-old-and-need-a-chore-chart (because it is), but it helps to keep things manageable, seeing as how we have nine people in this crazy house!

Last night, Amanda and Anthony were on the sh-edule, and they decided to cook up this beauty (get the recipe here — just be sure to eliminate the BOCA crumbles):

Look how purdy Amanda set up the table:

We kept it simple with paper plates which — while they are definitely not a mainstay in my life because I don’t like to waste paper — certainly made things easy for those who were cleaning up. (ME!)


I’m here until Friday morning, and then I’m heading home to see Dan (he had to go home last week). Because my job allows me to work from home, my vacation is always a working one, but these last few days have been CA-RAZY. I have been typing my little heart out! So, I am definitely taking some time throughout these next couple days to just breathe and suck in this place, making sure to take a little of its serenity and overall coolness with me.

Starting with the local book sale tonight — I’m as excited as a fashionista attending a shoe sale. Woot! ;)

Have a happy day!