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sweet as … butter.

by caroline

When it comes to considering the spectrum of Valentine’s Day devotion, I would say I’m a moderate. If one end of the scale screams, “Hate it!” and the other says, “I’m-a-googly-eyed-Valentine’s-Day-freak,” then I am definitely somewhere in between.

But what’s to dislike about cookies? NOTHING. That’s what.

That’s why I made this pretty and simple Better-Than-Butter Cookies just for you. They are gluten-free + vegan + everything your heart desires, right? Be my Valentine?


Bake ’em and share ’em. (Or eat them all by yourself. That works too.)

On another note, I was hoping you would all give ME a Valentine’s Day present and take this quick quiz for me. I am working on some gi-normous future projects and I would find it oh-so-lovely if you told me a bit about what you would like to see more of on the blog. Puh-leaze? It will take you a seconds –– promise! (Just give the label below a click-a-roo for 4 short questions!)

THANK YOU, sweet peas. YOU + ME = 4EVA