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sweet-as-honey holiday gift.

by caroline


Anyone else scrambling to finish up holiday shopping and thoughtful-gift-making? You too? OK, good –– I’m so glad I’m not alone.

When it comes to scoring the perfect gift for someone, I absolutely love the feeling of knowing (just knowing!) that he or she will be absolutely delighted by my choice. I also love putting together small gifts that are handmade and come from the heart. These kinds of gifts are especially my favorite when I am seeking an idea that is suitable for hostesses, as an extra in gift baskets and plain ol’ just because.

When I came across this post last week, I was absolutely smitten with the idea of making it my own for the holidays. Apparently, a lemon-honey tea base is popular in other countries, like Korea, but I certainly had never heard of it before.

The magic of this super yummy stuff, in my opinion, is infinity-fold (yes, that’s a real thing): Not only is it gorgeous and takes all of three minute to make each jar, but the honey acts as a natural preservative, meaning you can add fresh ingredients without the worry of them spoiling. (Think of the Egyptians who liked to place honey in their tombs –– thousands of years later the honey was discovered to still be good! Fun fact.)

The other great part about this “recipe” is that it’s really not a recipe at all. There are no specifics, but to make these guys, you’re going to need a lot of honey, lemons and ginger. I used 8 oz. Mason jars to store it, but you can use whatever air-tight container you want.

Here are the (very simple) steps:


1. Slice the lemons.
2. Slice a few thin pieces of ginger.
3. Plop them in the jar.
4. Cover them in honey.


Once the honey was almost to the top, I pressed in another slice of lemon just to make it look extra pretty. Wipe off any excess honey from the outside of the jar, screw the lid on tightly and tie on some festive ribbon. Ta-da!

Each of these babies will be getting a tag that lets people know all they have to do is add a spoonful (or two!) of this tasty honey to their tea or hot water. I will also remind them to keep the jar in the refrigerator for ultimate freshness. Ooo, and don’t forget to tell recipients that they are free to keep adding honey, lemons and ginger to the jar, helping the gift to last for years to come.

Wunderbar, right?!

Happy holidays, love bugs. Enjoy your family and spread peace, love and happiness. xo