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The Claw

by caroline

FINALLY!! We are all moved into our new apartment. Yesterday, we transferred all of our stuff from our friend's house to our new place and, while it was a hassle, our friend was wonderful enough to help us and made the move much easier than we had anticipated! I'll post pictures when everything is setup and lookin' pur-dy. ;)

One little factor that totally slipped my mind — we don't have the Internet setup. Who knows how I forgot this! It's tough to admit, but the World Wide Web and I are kinda attached at the hip. So, when I cracked open my computer last night and realized I was without a connection, I decided this morning would be a working-at-coffee-shop kind of morning.

Lucky for me, our apartment is right next to a Starbucks! I had an unsweetened iced green tea to accompany my KIND Bar and fruit:

I like to work in the comfort of my home, but sometimes it is nice to join the humans and get work done elsewhere. This morning was a productive one!

Now, I'm going to play teacher Caroline (or mommy Caroline if you prefer that title) for a moment. First, let's start with this yummy dinner I prepared the other night …

So, what are we having here? Wild ahi tuna (a little more than seared — I don't like it totally pink), roasted Brussels sprouts (chopped and some shredded) and brown rice. The tuna is marinated in San-J Gluten-Free Thai Peanut Sauce. You MUST check out their gluten-free line of sauces, including Orange Sauce, Teriyaki and Asian BBQ. Easy-peasy for spicing up a dish!

Anyway, now it's time for that lesson: The Brussels sprouts I was chopping were gi-normous, and some were rather hard to get grasp on while I was cutting. I was on the last one — the very last one! — when it slipped out from under my hand and instead of chopping the greens … I sliced my pinky finger.

Pretty bad. Like, so bad that I had to apply pressure and ice for more than an hour to get it to even begin to stop bleeding. I probably should have gone to the emergency room to get a few stitches (and Lord knows, Dan tried to get me to go), but I was being stubborn and insisting it would be fine, so I opted to stay home and eat this yummy dinner instead. (NOTE: I am not in the least bit recommending anyone take this route.)

Now that I know my finger will be OK, — save for the fact that I might have a scar to show for it (I'm calling it my first real kitchen battle wound) — I feel it's necessary to share with you proper cutting techniques, so that you don't run into a similar dilemma. It's a great reminder — I am well aware of proper cutting techniques, but for some reason I was not practicing these that evening.

Check out this video:

Learn How to protect your fingers when using a knife. For more Utensils & Equipment How-To Videos & Articles, visit WonderHowTo.


Remember: If you are using the proper technique this chef describes, then "nothing can stop THE CLAW!!":)


I'm off to Pittsburgh again today to finish up a few work-related things and visit my high school alma mater to speak to my brother, Luke's, class about journalism and how it affects society today. It will be fun to stand at the front of the room with him and help him with his senior project!

Just wondering: Has a kitchen flub ever taught you a valuable lesson? Share your thoughts below and help a fellow kitchenmate! :D