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The One.

by caroline

Yesterday was a day to be remembered! That’s because this girl …

… found her wedding dress! (Shirt by yours truly.)

That’s right: My baby sister, Amanda, is getting married in June and, while she’s already found the one, yesterday was the day she found THE ONE (a.k.a. THE DRESS).

It was such a fun day and I can honestly say I knew the dress the moment she put it on. And, yes, there were tears. (Gosh, I’m such a sap.) I am going to be a wreck of a matron of honor. ;)

Now comes the hard part: You have to wait to see the dress in all of its glory. June 17th, peeps! Stay tuned.


In the middle of all of the dress shenanigans (I found my matron of honor dress too!), I had a chance to give these new bars a shot:

I gotta tell you — I’m completely in love. Not only do I ♥ the flavors (there is also a Cherry Almond bar), but I am a firm believer the cause. For every bar you purchase, Two Degrees gives a nutrition pack to one of the world’s 200 million hungry children. And, hey, they are all natural, gluten-free and vegan. Yesterday, I tried the Chocolate Peanut bar and I’m munching on the Apple Pecan bar as I type — both equally DELISH! I’m so glad I spotted these at Whole Foods the other day!


One more thing to mention: I had an early, early start to my day and walked out the door this morning without my daily cup o’ juice. (The horror, right?)

Lucky for me, I had a meeting in Shadyside and was close to Eden (formerly The Juice Box). So, this gal snagged a green juice with kale, celery, spinach, cucumber and lemon. It was fabulous and exactly what I needed after an early wake-up call. If you are in the Pittsburgh area (visiting or living) and looking for yummy vegan/some gluten-free dishes (hello, g-f + vegan waffles!) — and fresh juice — check this place out. The menu looks divine and I definitely foresee a dinner date in the near future!

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! I hope it is a beautiful one.