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The Potato Soup of My Dreams.

by caroline

If there is one thing we can all rest assuredly knowing, it’s that this Irish girl loves her potatoes.

I love ’em baked, French fried, mashed, roasted and as leftovers. They’re delicious and absolutely perfect in my eyes. And, therefore, given my passion for all things potatoes, you won’t find it the least bit weird that I had a dream about them the other night.

Still weird, huh? OK, never mind …

Anyway, in my dream I was making potato soup, and I awoke feeling a deep urge to whip up the dish live and in person. But I knew I didn’t want it to be just any potato soup. When you dream about potato soup, something in you says, “This had better be good! Let’s make this soup inspired!”

So, that’s what I did. Feeling fully encouraged by my dream, I paired it with my love for all things Thai and came up with this little number. Call me crazy (I HEARD YOU), but I think you’ll be having dreams about this soup after you have a bowl … or two.

Look who’s a wack-o now


I thought this soup was absolutely heavenly. It was toasty and filling, and deliciously flavored. Make it, share it and enjoy every bite. ♥