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Hockey, Football and the Super Bowl's Nail Salon!

by caroline

Well, the Steelers lost, but, nevertheless, we all had a great time!

The picture above is a little overexposed, but it features a few of my favorite people: (from left) My youngest brother, Isaac, my brother, Luke, my sister, Amanda and, of course, yours truly. LOVE these peeps!

But let's rewind a bit: Before we started on the Super Bowl festivities, we jetted off to my brother, Isaac's, hockey game the moment we arrived in Pittsburgh. It was a blast! He scored the first goal of the game — woot, woot!

After, Ike's game, we headed back to my parents' house to get the party started. I do, however, have a bit of a confession to make: I don't exactly care much about football. (Gasp!) It's not that I don't want my home team to win — because I do! But I just don't have that much interest in watching with the exception of the tasty food, half time show, commercials and a few peak game moments. I did, however, don one of Dan's shrunken Steelers t-shirts to get into the spirit.

So, in lieu of fully watching the game, my mommy painted my nails!

I had some unusual fare for dinner considering the event — roasted veggies! But I also had some corn tortilla chips and salsa, cheese slices,  Muddy Buddies, and, of course, … drumroll … my sister made a gluten-free chocolate cake! This is the same one she made for her birthday. Yes, she made a cake for her own birthday. :)

It was so nice to just hang out with my family, chat and laugh. Today we head back to Dayton and I have much more coming your way later. Talk to you soon!

Ooo, and how could I forget?! My favorite commercial — this kid was too cute!