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things that make my day happy.

by caroline

There are a few things that can brighten my day –– no matter the mood I’m in.

A gorgeous sky

… snuggling with my kitties …

… and, or course, impromptu visits from someone I love. Like the one my baby brother, Isaac, surprised me with today:

Love this kid.

It’s not every day that I get to spend completely solo time with one of my siblings. So, when Ike called me to say he was in the city for a college fair and stopping by, I was excited! We didn’t really do anything special, but it was nice to have him working next to me while I finish up a freelance project.

I did, of course, take a break to make him a batch of Cheesy Pizza Puffs

We didn’t have any mozzarella cheese, so I made them with shredded sharp cheddar cheese this time and they were equally delicious. Have I mentioned how easy these pizza puffs are to make? SO EASY. And perfect for hungry teenagers. Isaac ate a bunch of these and I sent the rest home with him.

After my visit from Ike, I decided to stretch out my computer-chair-crampy legs with a class from I needed something quick so that I could get back to work, so I went with a 30-minute Energizing Flow taught by Kathryn Budig (LOVE HER).

It hit the spot!

Now, I’m back to work and feeling much better about sitting in this chair for the next several hours. Of course, it helps that I got a hug from my brother today. Oh, and I have my kitties by my side. ;)

** Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse update, here.