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Tossing Back A Glass Of Lemonade with My Three Angels.

by caroline

Let's be honest: My week started out kinda crappy.

It all started with this

That little number happened Sunday night around 11:30 p.m., when a kindly driver decided to hit our car and then promptly drive away. [insert sarcasm here]

Then, on Monday morning — yes, the morning following that little incident — I was innocently chomping away at my granola and yogurt … and I snapped my back tooth right down the center.


And on top of all of this, Dan and I were still dying/recovering from the plague.

Now, this might sound like a whine-fest (not the good kind, i.e. wine-fest), but I promise that it is quite the contrary.

You see, throughout all of this, I have really tried to keep a sunny attitude about everything, reminding myself that the universe doesn't give us things we can't handle; when life gives you lemons make lemonade (even if it's spiked with tequila); that, yes, it's true, karma is a bit**; and, of course, by regularly doing this:

Sure, as the estimations for car and tooth damage rolled in, it wasn't always easy, and a couple of times I considered throwing myself, belly first, on the floor and pounding my fists and feet on the floor à la two-year-old tantrum style.

But I resisted, continuing to tell myself that this week had a greater purpose and that everything would fall into place. Every time someone lamented our misfortune — "When it rains it pours!" — I tried to counter it with, "I keep telling myself that if the week started out this way, then surely it can only end better."

And I was right.

In fact, while spending the week dealing with all three of these misgivings, — sickness, car damage and tooth repair — I was given a chance to interact with three people who I might not have made the acquaintance of otherwise — three people who helped me to realize that if you look hard enough, you can find a bit of good in every bad.

1. The manager at Health Foods Unlimited: In the midst of hacking up my left lung and wrestling it to the ground before getting it to start cooperating again, I had to conduct a few interviews for a story on which I was working. My deadline is Monday, so that meant getting the interviews done no matter what. I felt sort of foolish calling people while sounding like the girl from the Exorcist (minus, of course, my head twisting in circles), but I quickly apologized and called for interviews anyway.

My story includes the input of local grocery stores, so I decided to give the manager of one of my all-time-favorites stores, Health Foods Unlimited, a call. I was connected to Emilie.

Emilie, the angel.

After talking to Emilie for a bit and gushing about how much I love the store, I told her I would be stopping in as soon as I could to snag some get-me-better-now, healthy stuff.

Emilie instantly snapped into a heath foods guide and gave me a list of products and remedies I should try. "And if you need any help when you come in, then just ask for one of us and we will be happy to help you."

Gosh, that's nice.

2. The nicest insurance adjuster I have ever met: Since Dan is in the studios all week, choreographing for the ballet's upcoming show, — Yes! He gets to choreograph! So cool! — I was given the lovely task of taking our car to get the once over by our insurance company. I can't say I was exactly thrilled, and when Thursday morning rolled around I was just looking forward to getting the whole thing over and done with.

I arrived at the local dealership where I was to meet our insurance adjuster with preconceived notions about how lo-o-o-ng the process would take and that the guy I was meeting would be all ho-hum technical about what was going on with our car.

Boy, was I wrong. I was greeted by an overtly polite man with a nice handshake and attentive ear. He walked out to the car with me right away and talked me through the entire process, showing me pictures of damage underneath the car and pointing out things an untrained eye wouldn't necessarily notice. He had the whole thing done in no time flat and emailed me the report right away, so that I could share it with Dan.

I was done in twenty minutes and I have to tell you — the time just flew right by!

What's that? I sound like I have a crush on our insurance adjuster? Well, he was awfully nice. ;)

3. The most pleasant dental experience I have ever had: So, that pretty much leaves me with the third and final leg of this journey — the dentist. Again, a trip that I was looking forward to seeing come to a close.

Gosh, those people were just too damn chipper.

From the lady who took my x-rays to the woman who explained to me how much dough I would be coughing up to get my tooth fixed, I was flabbergasted by how pleasant everyone was in that office. It was my first time visiting this dentist since we moved to Ohio, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Well, it turns out my dentist's wife also has Celiac disease and we spent quite some time chatting about the ins and outs of the food intolerance, including …. where to eat gluten-free in Dayton!!! Ta-da!

Ah! I was so happy to hear that there are restaurants who serve gluten-free options in Dayton, including Coco's Bistro and Meadowlark Restaurant. Two suggestions for me to check out — thanks, doc!

We, of course, also chatted about the wonders of gluten, including the weird items in which it can be found (envelope glue!) and the surprising places it isn't  — can you say Cool Ranch Doritos?!


All of these incidents were proof to me that (1) the overarching human race is a kind one … thank goodness, (2) while life throws you a few curve balls, it does in fact work itself out in the end, and that (3) I'm pretty lucky that this is my version of a "bad" week.

As I drove home from my early morning dentist appointment, I listened to news about tragedy in Japan and the universe's way of sending me a signal struck me right through my core.

This was my bad week … and what I was listening to was about other people's personal hell. Sure, I'm allowed to feel down about the way things went this week, seeing as how all drama is relative to our individual situations.

But it's hard to hear something like that and not forge forward with great intensity, allowing the cracked tooth, icky flu and damaged car to slide right off of my back.

And for the times I wanted to stomp my feet and scream? This week has shown me life's little angels are everywhere … if you just look hard enough. :D