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Treat Yourself.

by caroline

It’s not often that I would choose a store bought baked good item over one that I can whip up in my own kitchen. So, when the nice folks at Jovial sent me these cookies, I was maybe expecting a decent cookie, but not exactly fireworks.

But after biting into the fig fruit filled cookie and then the chocolate chocolate cream, I could only offer words of defeat: “OK, you win.”

These cookies are hands down the best store bought gluten-free cookie I have ever tried. EVER. And I have tried a lot. There is not even a hint of, “I guess it’s good for a gluten-free cookie.” These cookies are just really good for a cookie. Period.

The fig fruit filled cookie makes me feel comforted by the loss of my beloved, gluten-filled Fig Newtons. I used to love them so much and these definitely fill that void. And the chocolate chocolate cream cookie — oh, my gosh — it is just so good. Described as a, “Slightly crunchy chocolaty outside, classic Italian hazelnut-chocolate cream filling,” this cookie was happily enjoyed by my belly with a glass of chocolate almond milk. You can easily assume I was in chocolate heaven.

I also love that the cookies come in individually wrapped packages of two — perfect for keeping portions in perspective!

Jovial offers consumers this statement about their gluten-free products: “Our facility was specifically designed to ensure an absolutely safe product, but it is not dedicated gluten free. We bake with dedicated equipment on separate production days. Each batch is tested and certified for gluten at less than 10ppm.”

It always makes me a bit wary when I see statements like this because it leaves questions of, “What if some gluten made it into this product?” But I can honestly say I felt no symptoms of being “glutened” after munching on these cookies.

Wanna find them in your store? Check out their nifty store locator. There’s also a chocolate vanilla cream flavor that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Thanks to the folks at Jovial for sending these over! I can now say I am happy to buy a store bought cookie when I’m in a sweet treat pinch. Hey, it happens, ya know?! :)


Speaking of treating yourself, I am not exactly one to splurge on a manicure or another beauty service because of the fact that I always feel like it’s something I can do at home … at a much lesser cost.

But when your mom treats you to a manicure, you go ahead and get those nails painted!

How fun is this color? It’s part of OPI’s Touring America Collection and it’s called Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window — hilarious!

Tell me: What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?