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[Trumpets Blare] Introducing The G-Spot's New Recipe Tool!

by caroline

Oh, dear! Oh, my! Oh, dear! Oh, my!

That's the beginning a song my brother, Luke, used to sing when he was little and it seemed appropriate to express my excitement about the launch of The G-Spot's new Recipage!
What's that? What's a Recipage you ask?!
A Recipage is a nifty tool created by foodies who know that food bloggers need a place to organize their tasty recipes. Take a peek at the features, including featured recipe photos, a search tool and a handy-dandy, alphabetized recipe tab section. It really calls to the organization freak/inner librarian in me.
When a user clicks on a recipe, these are the options he or she is presented with, including a "Print" function, and the ability to share the recipe on Facebook or Twitter.
There are about twenty recipes in the arsenal as of right now, and within the next few days each and every last one will be added! You can locate the recipes under the "G-Licious Recipes" tab and start clicking away. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!
So, enjoy — I look forward to sharing to sharing more recipes with you — only now it will be in a neatly organized fashion! :D