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When A Potato and a Few Eggs Get a Little Wild …

by caroline

Let me tell you a little story about how this guy …

became this tasty fella …

Magic, huh?

Dan and I had these baked potatoes for dinner last night (see the hefty guy above) and both of our eyes were a bit bigger than our bellies. So, we ended up having about 3/4 of an extra large baked potato leftover. I loathe wasting food, so Dan promised me he had something creative in mind for the potato we couldn't finish and wrapped it up.

Still, you can imagine my surprise this morning when I realized last night's potato was about to be this morning's breakfast! Dan chopped up the leftover potato (yes, sour cream topping and all) and divided it into two ramekins. We got these cute ones for our wedding from Crate and Barrel, but, unfortunately I don't think they sell them anymore. But they are about the size of these ones.

He then whipped three large eggs and poured it over the ingredients in the ramekins, dividing the egg evenly between the two:

Topped each one with cheese, and a dash of salt and pepper:

And popped them in the oven at 350 degrees, baking for about 30 minutes or until golden delicious brown:

I only had a bite (OK, three) because we were heading to the gym early this morning and I can't exercise after eating. I know all health advice says I should put something in my belly before working out, but I literally just can't stomach it. Something about running, or just working out in general, after eating makes me feel heavy, cramp-y and just all together miserable. Don't worry I make up for it afterward!

We're calling this little number souffliche because it's a lot like a souffle and a little like a quiche, too! Aren't we just oh-so-creative? ;)

These single serving dishes are great for not only breakfast, but lunch and dinner, too! Ooo, and something about souffle and quiche sounds so brunch-y to me. And, hey, if brunch is not an option, then just keep this in mind the next time you have leftovers. Can you say easy meal?!


Note: This recipe is gluten-free. (If you have allergies or food sensitivities, always check specific manufacturer’s products for allergens and/or cross-contamination issues.)


Have you ever made two meals out of one? Share, please!