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When You're a Kitty Mom

by caroline

Let’s interrupt our normal blogging schedule to bring you a little crazy-cat-lady-ness and say … Happy birthday to my two baby boys, Cooper and Emerson! I love these kids so much.

How cute is that baby photo (above)? That was taken the day after we adopted them. Who knows how we got them to sit still for that picture — I don’t think we could ever do it again! Yes, I know they’re not human kids (and you wouldn’t know it by the way I talk about them), but I can’t believe my first two boys are growing up so fast!

They’ve gone from unruly teenagers …

… to outstanding and handsome young men …

… and I’m so proud to be their mommy!

I’m curious: Do you treat your pets like members of the family (or have I really just gone off the deep end)? :)

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