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Yogurt, Yoga and "Y" Today is Already Fab

by caroline

I love waking up and actually seeing the … what's that big orange round thing in the sky called? Ah, the sun. Yes, the sun. It's glorious to wake up and see it rising in the clear skies that lie ahead for today.

I decided to kick off this morning with some more yogurt and the Vanilla Almond Granola I made yesterday. But, alas, today is  different than yesterday's ho-hum vanilla yogurt because this morning I tried one of the five new flavors of Fage Yogurt! Maybe you all have already been keen on these for quite some time now, but they are a new discovery for yours truly. You can imagine my excitement when I went to pick out my usual flavors of Fage and I discovered they have come out with 0% split cups. Now, I still love the 2% flavors, too, but I was stoked to try the new mixes –Strawberry Goji, Blueberry Acai, Mango Guanabana and Cherry Pomegranate. They also have a honey 0% split cup, but I never buy those ones because I always figure I can just buy the plain and add my own honey at home.

This morning I opted to try the Strawberry Goji with my granola and fresh berries. It was fantastically yummy! I can't wait to give the other ones a taste, too.

I was planning on doing one of my favorite yoga DVDs today, but if the weather turns out like they say it is supposed to (64 degrees!), then I just might have to postpone that for tomorrow and opt for another mid-day run.

But as for my yoga DVD: You all know how much I adore Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy, but another one of my faves is Baron Baptiste's The Trainer's Edge: Long and Lean Yoga.

When I am doing yoga at home, I always appreciate an instructor who talks me through the exercises. I am BIG on proper form, and I like to feel empowered at the end of a workout rather than as if I might have pulled something. Baptiste gives all the right cues and includes modified positions for those who might still be perfecting their form. The progression of the workout is ideal, starting out slow with time for my body to open up, and then it picks up the pace as you begin to feel warm.

If you wanna check out a video clip of Long and Lean Yoga, then take a peek at the video below. Oh, and I'm curious: Do you have a favorite at-home workout video? If so, share them in the comments section below!

As for me, I'm off to bake some gluten-free, vegan bread, and I may even opt to turn that recipe into rolls instead. We'll see! You never know where a little kitchen craziness might take me.