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your gluten-free guides

by caroline

Photo by Bill Franz (learn more about Bill at Dayton Work and Play on Facebook)
One of the top questions I get asked by readers, clients and curious people alike is related to my favorite gluten-free food items to keep on hand. Whether it’s simply, “So, what can you eat?” or a mother who is struggling to switch her child over to the diet, I’ve found that people appreciate it when I help them do some of the trial and error it requires to suss out what items should be stocked in our gluten-free refrigerators and pantries.

So, in preparation of our Back to (Gluten-Free) Basics kickoff next week, I’ve put together four different gluten-free lists that will help you discover two things:

(1) How simple a gluten-free diet can be. Fresh veggies and fruits, wild-caught fish, cooking oils, nuts and seeds, and whole grains are just a few of the everyday common items that make a gluten-free diet list.

(2) Some of my favorite gluten-free products. While I don’t advocate making packaged, processed foods a part of your everyday diet, there are some moments in life when we need a little bit of ice cream or we are dealing with a growing teenager who wants his pizza. Because of that, I’ve included some of my favorite mainstream gluten-free foods that do the job when you’re on-the-go and even on your last nerve. ;)

Ready for the lists? Here they are (just click on the list(s) of your choice for a FREE downloadable PDF):


gluten-free refrigerator guide


gluten-free pantry guide


gluten-free guide for vegans


gluten-free guide for kids & teens












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