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5 Gluten-Free Products That Are Rocking My World Right Now.

by caroline

OK, Mr. Dentist, I know I said you were so gosh, darn, nice, (and I still think you are), but after this evening’s appointment I can honestly say us meeting up that way is highly unnecessary … ever again.


Ugh. I am so glad to be done with that scenario.

All of that tooth-y drama means liquids and soft foods for this gal tonight. But I refuse to just throw in the towel and be completely “blah” about this, even if I do have to stay within the confines of the easy-to-swallow and/or kinda-chew food category. This, of course, can be a bit tricky when considering the gluten-free factor, but I have my ways, my friends. Oh, I have my ways. ;)

So, just in case anyone else out there is looking for an evening of liquids and soft food fun, here are my top five choices to keep things spicy. They’ll keep your tummy happy and the icky-poo-poo food faces at bay:

1. Jello Pudding Cups: Ta-da! Remember how fun these babies were to pack in your lunch during the elementary school days?! Well, it turns out that most of the flavors (be sure to check the label) are gluten-free! Woo, hoo! My favorite is the Chocolate Vanilla Swirl. Thank goodness for Kraft’s easy-to-use gluten-free policy.

2. Amy’s Kitchen Soups: I lo-o-o-ve Ms. Amy. Most of her soups are gluten-free and with this easy-to-read key it’s super simple to pick out the ones that fulfill your heart’s desire. Mine goes pitter patter for the Thai Coconut Soup and Spanish Rice and Red Bean. Delish!

3. A trusty Green Monster: Why not? I get my vitamins and I get a thumbs up from some cool dudes, like Popeye and the Hulk. We rock on with our bad selves.

4. Boost Nutritional Energy Drink: A product like this might be completely off your radar on any other day, but when liquids is the name of the game, it’s a tasty bet to throw back one of these little firecrackers. And with gluten-free right on the label, it takes the guess work out of the shopping process. I picked up a six-pack of the Chocolate Plus tonight and I’m gunning for the vanilla tomorrow. (NOTE: Be sure to check all labels, seeing as how I did not check their entire product line.)

5. So Delicious Purely Decadent “Ice Creams”: Go ahead and toss the terminology “but I shouldn’t” right out the door. When your mouth is a-hurtin’ a treat is a necessity and I vote for one of the tasty So Delicious frozen desserts. My favorite is Peanut Butter Zig Zag, but you can have your pick! I’ve heard their Coconut Milk “Ice Creams” are delicious (pun completely intended) , too! Just be sure to check this guide because not all of the “ice creams” are gluten-free.


Hey, even if you are not fighting tooth pain, it’s always a pleasant reminder to know that yummy gluten-free foods lie on the horizon, right? And some of these, like the Amy’s Soups, are fabulous, easy-to-throw-in-a-pot choices. It’s a no-brainer!

I’m curious: What’s your favorite I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-gluten food item?