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Q&A: Live Well 360 Co-Founder and President, Sheila Viers

by caroline

Good morning and welcome to another installment of our “Q&A” series! Today we’re featuring Sheila Viers, the co-founder and President of Live Well 360, a company that is re-inventing the fitness bag because on the road to health and fitness you need a worthy companion. Live Well 360’s first bag, the Core, has been featured in Oxygen magazine and Shape magazine, as well as, on top fitness sites like and The company’s blog has also been named one of FITNESS magazine’s favorite health blogs.


1. Tell us, Sheila Viers, founder of Live Well 360, what’s your favorite way to workout? Why?

These days, I don’t have one favorite way to workout because I like to vary the type of workouts I do on any particular day depending on what I am feeling that day. On some days circuit training feels best, and I have an arsenal of go-to workouts that I choose from, and other days a really good sweaty session of HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the treadmill feels most empowering. If it’s a beautiful day outside, I might feel like taking a long run outside, or if it’s cold and rainy, or if I’m feeling stressed and need a mental recharge, a power yoga class might feel best.

I haven’t always practiced this sort of listening-to-my-body workout methodology, but it seems to be the best fit for not only keeping my body happy and injury-free, but also keeping me mentally interested and excited about exercise.

2. Live Well 360 believes the right bag is as essential a tool as proper running shoes or yoga gear that allows you to go with the flow. We love that the Live Well 360 Core keeps us organized — it has compartments for everything! Why do you think a bag, like the Core, makes workouts run more smoothly?

We feel that having the right tools for your lifestyle is so important for setting yourself up for success. Having a fitness bag that looks great and is made well too is key to living an active lifestyle. If you demand the best of yourself, why would you expect anything less from your most important fitness partner – your fitness bag?

When we designed the Core, our first bag in our line of fitness bags, we dreamed up everything the ultimate fitness bag should have, and didn’t stop until we had the perfect prototype.

No more rips and frays. No more dirty shoes or sweaty clothes up against your clean clothes. And say good-bye to your jewelry or watch being relegated to the abyss that is the bottom of the bag due to lack of proper storage.

The Core’s sleek design comes together thanks to a durable, handmade ballistic nylon body, eight pockets, a vented shoe compartment, a soft seatbelt shoulder strap, satin nickel hardware and our signature inspirational liner. Some of our fans have referred to it as their personal assistant because of how well it keeps them organized. We think of it as more than a bag – it’s a solution.

When you have a fitness bag (or any fitness tool) that just works perfectly, you can focus on what really matters – being healthy and fit.

3. What steps do you take to organize your day to make sure it allows room for fitness and living healthfully?

While I tend to follow the “what feels right today” approach with my actual workouts, the one thing I do really plan is carving out one hour each day for me-time. I work from home and I don’t have kids, so I will say that my schedule is more flexible than most, but I think we all have responsibilities or tasks that will grab our attention and take up our whole day if we let them, so it’s important to schedule time for exercise just as you would for any other appointment during your day.

For me, it’s just a matter of saying to myself that I deserve one hour (or more on some days) to take care of myself mentally and physically. So whether it is first thing in the morning, mid-day, or in the evening, I schedule it into my calendar so that no matter what, I have that time to focus on whatever I need that day. Some days I’ll get in a longer workout, and other days I’ll split that time up and get a shorter workout combined with a meditation, journaling, or stretching.

I’m also a multi-tasker at heart, so I often find myself foam rolling as I watch TV, stretching while on a conference call, or even going on a walk with my husband while we catch each other up on what we did that day.

4.) You’re a busy gal! What’s your quick go-to workout when all you have time for is 20 minutes of sweating it out?

My favorite quick workout is a really intense Tabata Protocol circuit, which is a combination of 10 seconds of rest combined with a period of 20, 30, 40, or 50 seconds of work. The work portion of the circuit consists of a combination of bodyweight exercises, like push-ups, single-leg squats, sit-ups, burpees, planks, split-squats, jumping jacks, etc.

If I only have 20-minutes, I’ll start with a 2-minute warm-up to get the blood flowing, usually some combo of jumping jacks, leg swings, squats, arm swings, etc and then move on to a 16-minute Tabata workout and then end with 2 minutes of stretching and cool down. You’d be surprised at how much of a sweat you can work up with just 16 minutes of intense training!

My favorite sites for inspiration on these types of workouts are and

5.) We love that the Core bag is sleek and chic. Do you think there’s a correlation between feeling good about your workout gear and the success of your workout?

Absolutely. When you feel organized and prepared for the day, you feel like you are set up for success. Having the right tools to match your lifestyle helps to inspire you and make you excited for each new day and new adventure.

Part of our mission at Live Well 360 is to help people to see health and fitness as something that they get to do, rather than something that they have to do, and we believe that having tools and resources that make your lifestyle easier and more fun is a key component to seeing health and fitness in that way.

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