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back at it.

by caroline

Last week was crazy and a half shell (Turtle power! OMG, please tell me you know who the Ninja Turtles are, so I don’t feel really old for that reference …)

With the debut of my baked goods at the I Made It! Market and the release of my new e-book, I was pretty much running on pure adrenaline and love for each one of you. Check out the pics of our setup (click the photo to see the whole gallery)  –– it was kind of off the hook:

Anyway, after that two-day long baking stint, I took a little reprieve from the kitchen and let my bakers’ brain rest. But yesterday, I decided 6 days was long enough and created these lil’ tasty cupcakes for you (me, too, of course).


I think these are a lovely addition to a Valentine’s Day menu. Or, of course … just because. Enjoy, sweet peas!