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big news

by caroline

THAT’S RIGHT, CUPCAKES: We’re having a baby!

I am so very excited to share with you this next step in my journey –– becoming someone’s mama. To say we are overjoyed would be the understatement of the year. There truly aren’t enough words to describe how blissfully happy this little one is already making us.


I know –– you want the scoop, right? Well, let me sum it up quickly. I am 21 weeks today which by all calculations means we will be having a June baby! As many of you know, that 21-week-mark also means something else –– we already know if we’re having a boy or a girl!

I will let the color of my shirt in the next photo do the talking …


A GIRL! Yes, indeed, we are having a sweet baby girl. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It’s been fun to celebrate with friends and family all of the special moments along the way thus far. BUT, now that I am a little more than halfway there, I thought it was also time to share the news with each one of YOU! It’s been tough keeping it a secret, especially as my belly has gotten bigger!

(Quick shout out: Thank you to my amazing brother, Luke Shannon, for the above photos. You’re the best!)


A few fun behind-the-scenes moments along the way:

Baby’s first appearance on television (4 weeks, 2 days) …

IMG_0012First sign of a little baby bump on Christmas Eve (15 weeks) …

15-weeks-christmas-eveBaby girl saying hello (19 weeks, 1 day) …

baby-girl-helloSnowy walk on Sunday (20 weeks, 4 days) …


So, what does this mean for the site? We’re going to make it easy! Sincerely Caroline was built as a resource for sharing gluten-free recipes and healthy living tips –– and it’s going to stay that way. But I know there will also be some information I will be learning along the way that will be helpful to those of you who are interested. So, for those readers, you can head over to the new “Mama” section of the site. That way, if reading about my pregnancy (and the time that follows) isn’t your jam, then you don’t have to pay it any attention! Sound good?

For those of you who will be checking out “Mama,” stay tuned for information about gluten-free recipes fit for a healthy pregnancy, details about my first and second trimesters, information about my prenatal fitness routine, and discussions about healthy decisions we will be making for our growing family.

Until then, thank you so much for celebrating with me this very special time in my life. I so much appreciate each one of my readers and look forward to continuing this journey with you!