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do you feel it?

by caroline

That feeling in the air that leaves you absolutely itching to run outside the moment the work day is over? The sound of birds chirping and children playing at the park down the street? The smile on your face spreading ear-to-ear when you spot little flower buds poking their way through the ground?

That’s spring, my friends. And it has arrived.

I’d like to think that I was still a pleasant person throughout the winter and I recognized all of the wonderful things that life has to offer, but, geez, does this warmer weather feel good. It does something funny to people that just makes them want to spring from their seats and conquer the world.

Or juice up a storm. Like I’ve been doing over here.

Not only have I been breaking out my regular Breville juicer, but I’ve also been partying up like a wild woman with wheatgrass shots made in my Healthy Juicer manual press.

Let me break for a moment to touch on something that probably caused many of you to just cringe: THAT word … “wheat” … yuck, right? For a gluten-free eater that simple utterance is enough to leave you clutching your stomach and running for the hills. But here’s the thing: When it comes to wheatgrass, gluten is found in something called the endosperm, a particular portion of the seed. Because wheatgrass is harvested long before the plant reaches seed stage, wheatgrass is safe for celiacs or those with a gluten intolerance. You do have to be careful about how you go about using wheatgrass (it is best to grow your own so you are in control of the process) and, of course, pay attention to your individual needs. I have never noticed any ill effects from wheatgrass, but I am also very diligent about my process (i.e. I always prepare it in my home and do not order it when I am out to avoid risk). Read more about wheatgrass, here and listen to my favorite wellness warrior, Kris Carr, talk about it here:

Anyway, back to the wheatgrass. I juiced my typical green juice concoction this morning, and then decided to whip out the Healthy Juicer to add a shot of wheatgrass to the mix.

This juicer really presses the wheatgrass (you can also juice kale and lettuce), moving it through the gears until you end up with a pulp that looks a little like … well … I’ll let you decide.

The cats were completely jazzed to see me break out the wheatgrass. (Read about kitties and wheatgrass.)

We have juice …

Serve it up shot style, mixed into a smoothie or as part of a green juice, like I did!

Nothing says springtime like a cup full of fresh pressed grass, right? :)