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En Route

by caroline

Well, hello there! I am writing to you while in the air and en route to West Palm Beach, FL! I know I'm completely geek-ed out about this, but it still never fails to amaze me that we can do things like surf the Web (do people still say that or did I just date myself?), catch up on emails and update a blog.

Craziness! :P

Anyway, we're headed to WPB to visit Dan's mommy, Kaci (or as she has dubbed herself  "Momma Kaci"). It should be a wonderful trip, full of sunshine and yummy restaurant adventures that are a staple in any trip that includes this fab lady.

Given the fairness (that's the nice way of saying I'm white as a ghost) of my skin, I don't do so well in warmer temperatures, seeing as how I always manage to burn no matter what precautions I take. So, I've committed to enjoying the sun while still keeping my skin safe. I'd rather not come back a lobster!

We are only in Florida until Sunday morning, but we're looking at a schedule full of fun, including eating sushi poolside tonight and a date to see Water for Elephants tomorrow. I loved the book, so I am looking forward to seeing the movie!

Our flight took off from Dayton this morning at 11:15, but I felt like I had already gotten so much done beforehand! Sometimes traveling pushes me into a frenzy, but I find that when I am prepared I feel much better about hitting the road (or, in this case, taking off). It seems like a no-brainer, but making lists and actually committing to packing at a decent time (as opposed to 2 a.m. the night before — I've done this just a few times) takes the craziness out of traveling.

In fact, we were so ready (yes, I'm bragging) that Dan and I had time to hit up the gym this morning, get some work done and pack snacks for the plane. Well, I packed an entire meal and snacks for me, and a couple of things for Dan to munch on if a snack attack struck. He decided to get lunch during our layover in Atlanta which was OK with me because I was budget-friendly eating for the both of us!

(The pictures are taken with my phone, so excuse their less-than-stellar quality.)

Apple slices, Picky Bars, a salad and a tuna packed to top it off, and a Cliff Bar and banana for Dan. All I had to do was find salad dressing once we got through security (they won't let it through because it's a liquid). Even though I offered to pay for it, the nice lady at Au Bon Pain gave me the packet free of charge. How nice, right?!

And, naturally, saving on lunch surely earned me an unsweetened, iced green tea from Starbucks! ;)

Not only do all of these preparations make traveling easier, but as I already mentioned, it helps to save a bit of money. And when it comes to gluten-free eating, nothing beats knowing with 100 percent assuredness that your food is safe!

This salad was rather large — I tossed in all leftover veggies we had on hand — and it kept me nice and satisfied throughout the afternoon.


We're landing soon, and then it's time for fun and sun! I will definitely catch you on the flipside and fill you in on our West Palm Beach adventures. Happy Friday!