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get barre bee fit

by sincerelycaroline

Tone your entire lower body with these Barre Bee Fit exercises made for boosting your backside and shaping your thighs. Both exercises (below) are demonstrated by Barre Bee Fit Pittsburgh’s Owner, Meredith Ward. The best part? You can do these exercises anywhere! Use a chair as your “barre” and get to work! (Read Meredith’s  Q&A.)


Find a sturdy chair or counter top, and step forearms’ distance away. Lightly place hands on chair or counter for support.  Bring your feet together in a parallel position, squeeze your thighs together, and rise up to a high heel (a). From here, bend your knees and imagine sliding down a wall so your back remains flat (b). Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, pulling your navel to spine with each exhale. From here, go down an inch, up an inch and repeat. Do this for approximately 1 minute trying to stay low. Then hold low and pulse down lower and lower engaging all your leg muscles for 1 minute.



Seat Work

Come to all fours on a yoga mat or carpet to protect your knees. Hands under shoulders, knees under hips, core pulled in tight (a). Lift your right leg up so knee is off the ground, point your toes, squeeze your leg high (b), then slowly lower down so knees meet, and repeat. Do this for approximately one minute. To finish, leave leg raised high, toes pointed and make tiny pulses up –– poking your foot to ceiling. Repeat for approximately 1 minute. Switch legs to repeat on opposite side.



** Barre Bee Fit Pittsburgh’s new fall schedule kicks off today, Monday, September 9th. Check out their online schedule for a list of classes and take advantage of their New Client Special: One Month of UNLIMITED classes for $80! New students can also drop in for a special single class rate of $8 –– a $10 savings off the usual drop-in rate. Not a Pittsburgh local? Check out to discover a studio near you!