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q&a with elate yoga’s jennifer mahoney

by sincerelycaroline

One of the things I love about running is that it’s a very-little-equipment-required sport. Grab your shoes and go. The same goes for yoga –– all you need is a yoga mat and you’re ready to practice. Sure, I love a solid gym workout and it’s always fun to try new fitness trends. But sometimes these hectic lives of ours call for something with no frills; a workout that allows us to squeeze in a quick and effective sweat session.

Elate Yoga hits the nail on the head with their workout philosophy. Get this — they bring the yoga to you! After hearing complaints that clients had a hard time committing to fitness because of convenience or lack of class variety, Elate‘s Owner Jennifer Mahoney decided to create a service that allowed clients to choose the time and place, as well as routines that are based on each individual’s needs.

Check out this interview with Mahoney, then click below to learn a few exercises you can try anywhere!




sincerely caroline: Tell us a bit about what sets Elate Yoga apart from standard yoga classes that are done in a studio.
jennifer mahoney: Unlike standard yoga classes in a studio, classes from Elate Yoga are custom, convenient, and comprehensive. All of our classes are customized to our students needs as 1 on 1 private or semi-private group settings. The classes are based on each student’s current practice, what they are looking to accomplish, and even what’s going on in their life that day or week.

We know that our students are busy so to make classes as convenient as possible we customize the time and location of every class to their schedule as well as bring all the mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, music and anything else needed for class.

By building a series of classes on an individual basis for our students, we are able to not only provide a very special atmosphere, but also accomplish comprehensive progress in a short amount of time weather a student is looking to improve their practice in general, focus on specific asanas, or recover after childbirth or an injury.

sc: How has Elate Yoga changed your view on fitness?
jm: The whole reason I started elate yoga was because I was tired of going to classes that were so full I couldn’t see or hear the instructor. When mats and students are on top of one another it’s hard to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere in class –– not to mention give each student the attention they deserve.

By focusing on personalized instruction, I have been lucky enough to really observe student growth first hand. Fitness for me has become very personal as it has for our instructors, who have really developed special bonds with our students.

sc: How would the average on-the-go person, business professional, etc. benefit from this type of practice?
jm: Yoga can be tailored to be as challenging or as calming as a student needs and we have yet to find someone we couldn’t help. I think that by focusing on the quality of each class we are able to bring so much more to the average student than they might get by attending a much larger number of group classes in a standard studio setting. Think about how much more a student can grow with an hour of personal attention when compared with perhaps 4 or 5 minutes of attention during a typical group studio class.

sc: What do you think is one of the top excuses holding people back from starting a fitness program?
jm: Often people have to decide between yoga and their personal or work life, simply due to class locations and times. This is a big reason why people might start taking classes but attend fewer over time. Many instructors often teach to the average skill level of a class, which ends up addressing no one student in particular but missing the skillset of all students. If you feel that you haven’t grown very much in a group setting, that may keep you from trying something new, fearing that you may not learn much from it.

Even for those that are used to a fitness program, studio classes can be unnerving. I can understand how intimidating it can be to ask questions and allow yourself to be vulnerable in a group setting.

As crazy as it sounds, when researching the need for a company like Elate Yoga we heard from people who were timid when trying yoga because they felt like they didn’t have the right clothes or equipment.

sc: How would you recommend they overcome it?
jm: We built Elate Yoga to specifically overcome all of these obstacles –– so the only real question is “do you want to practice yoga?” By holding classes at a time and location of your choice, tailoring the class to your personal goals and needs, providing an intimate and safe environment and brining everything you need to class we’ve taken pretty much most of the common objections out of attending class.

sc: What’s your personal fitness mantra?
jm: Do what you can and then a little more. You’ll be surprised how much you can grow by starting something and sticking with it.


Jennifer Mahoney has practiced yoga for more than six years, leveraging its restorative power as a tool to recover from sports injuries. A marathon runner and avid sports fan, she has learned how to teach others to use yoga to battle back to peak performance after a major injury. She also combines a background in nutrition with firsthand experience with the positive impact yoga can have on the digestive system, having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 7. While not an official Elate Yoga offering, Jenni works with clients to examine their nutritional lifestyle and help carve out a complementary plan to support their yoga practice. Jennifer has worked in the health industry since 1997 in a wide capacity of roles, from health food store management to cosmetic and dental training and education. Learn more about Elate Yoga and all of the residential, corporate and private yoga services the company has to offer by visiting, or following the company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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