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Obsess Much?

by thegspot

We are 101 percent, completely obsessed with kettle corn. And, as of late, we are specifically smitten with Popcorn Indiana's Gourmet Cinnamon and Sugar Kettlecorn.

Like, we can't stop eating it.

In fact, we are so head over heels that when we snagged a bag at Whole Foods today, we had to pop it open in the car …

and nearly down the whole thing before we made it back to work.

We can't decide if it's the cinnamon sugar or just plain magic that makes these flourished kernels so gosh-darn yummy, but we need help. Maybe an intervention. Because every time we say, "OK, take it away … seriously, take it away …" we find ourselves reaching for it again three minutes later.

And now we've discovered the company also makes a tasty little number called chip'ins. We haven't gotten our hands on a bag yet … pretty much because we're a bit scared to do so.

Oh, the crunchy horror.