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our first homemade kombucha experience!

by caroline

I’m a big fan of kombucha. In fact, I will never forget the fateful day I first laid eyes on it. It was 2008 and I was in the checkout line at our Whole Foods when I spotted the gentleman in front of me placing two bottles of it on the belt. Being ever the health investigator that I am, I stepped out of line and headed back to the beverages to find out what it was. After reading the label on a bottle of GT Dave’s Kombucha I knew I had to give it a shot. Sure, there was something funky floating around throughout the bottle, but the label assured me that was just healthy strands of cultures.

The rest is history, or so they say. I’d like to think I was a bit of a pioneer in the kombucha trend because it took a couple more years before it was a product that really became a hit. I was all like, “Yeah … I’ve been drinking it for years.” (Hey, if this is the only cool factor I get to boast about, then just let me have it.)

Anyway, Dan and I love our kombucha, but like anyone will tell you, those little bottles of joy can carry quite the price tag. We’ve talked for years about making our own (Dan’s a home brewer and has researched kombucha extensively), but it wasn’t until we went to Jill Ciciarelli‘s book launch party (she authored “Fermented“) and she handed us a SCOBY that we decided to take the plunge and just go for it.

Following the instructions in Jill’s book (pssst … there’s a giveaway for it that ends tonight!) we got to work last night and here’s a preview of the process:


(1) Prepare your ingredients.
(2) Add tea bags to boiling water.
(3) Remove the tea bags, then add sugar.
(4) Allow tea to completely cool, then add to glass vessel.

(5) Add the SCOBY. (Need one? Check out First Comes Health’s post on how to make your own!)

(6) Send the SCOBY happy growing vibes!
(7) Cover jar with a coffee filter, cheese cloth or, if you’re out of both, a pair of clean pantyhose cut to cover the jar (that’s what we ended up doing, resourceful couple that we are). Pretty bow –– optional!
Once we made the kombucha, we were both wondering why we didn’t just do it sooner. Something about home fermentation sounds intimidating, but, like I said about when I made sauerkraut, it’s really quite easy. Now, we just have to wait for our kombucha to be ready (hardest part). I will keep you posted!

Want to learn how to make your own kombucha? Jill outlines the process on her blog, First Comes Health, where she discusses the necessary equipment (nothing complicated!), how to choose the right tea and troubleshooting details. Of course, the instructions are also in her book which you can enter to win until 11:59 p.m. EST today! If you haven’t already done so, then get your name in there. It’s a wonderful resource about home fermentation!

Happy Friday, cupcakes!