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Review: Jane Fonda's Workout — Daily Yoga with Tara Stiles

by caroline

If you’re a fan of The G-Spot on Facebook, then you know I was awfully excited to have picked up a copy of this Jane Fonda’s Workout: Daily Yoga with Tara Stiles DVD the other day.

I had been holding out on buying this because I have sooo many workout DVDs, but I just couldn’t resist any longer. So, now it’s mine … all mine … MUAH, HA, HA, HA, HA! ;)

After feeling like my migraine was just about gone yesterday, I decided to pop this video in and give it a try. Sometimes, that last little bit of migraine can be worked out with some sweating and stretching, and I was hopeful that would be the case this time around.

Oh, and what an appropriate time to review this workout — it’s National Yoga Month!

Right off the bat, I’ll tell you this: Stiles’ method of movement throughout the video is an advanced verbal pace set to intermediate movement. What I mean by this is that you had better be fairly familiar with yoga lingo and the flow of Vinyasa movement before trying this video. The movement, on the other hand, is pretty intermediate; the poses can be difficult, but there are modifications available for those who are not as advanced in their practice. Again, my opinion is that if anything is going to throw you off, then it’s going to be the verbal flow. I would definitely recommend watching the video before trying it just to get a feel for the pace.

Overall, the workout was nice. If you’re used to practicing hot Vinyasa yoga, then don’t expect to break the rapid sweat that typically comes hand-in-hand with hot yoga practice. My favorite part was the variations Stiles provided that took me outside of my typical yoga practice. When I was done, I felt fully stretched and my migraine was definitely on its way out. I look forward to mixing this workout in with my regular yoga practice.

For a girl who sits at a computer for countless hours a day, one of the poses I enjoyed the most was Stiles’ variation on the feel-so-good gorilla pose (also called hand-under-foot pose; how to do it, here):


Stiles did the above pose and then reversed the palms so that the feet were resting on the tops of the hands instead, fingers facing toward heels. Check it out:

(Ignore the wet hair … I showered right before I decided to demonstrate this for you.)

This pose felt so-so-so good on my shoulders. Once you’re in the pose, it helps to feel the weight of your feet on your hands and start lengthening your shoulders down your back — then you’ll really feel the release in your shoulders. I am always looking for stretches that can help loosen the obscene amount of tightness I feel in my upper back, and this one was wonderful.

Ahhhhh ….

If you’re looking for a new yoga DVD, then definitely give this one a shot. It’s a great supplement to a regular yoga workout and very enjoyable!

[Photo courtesy of a friend and her pooch, Nikko. Talented little guy, huh?]

Happy National Yoga Month!