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Spring Is In the Air … And So Is Risotto.

by caroline

What a beautiful day! I don’t know about all of you, but the East Coast has seen a bit of spring these last few days. It’s so nice to see the sun, and the mornings almost feel like they are making that winter-to-spring switch. Such a tease!

We’re kicking this Valentine’s night off with some Reny Picot Mantoro cheese that we picked up at our local gourmet market, Dorothy Lane Market, and we are pairing it with some Mary’s Gone Crackers Original Seed Crackers and Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Roasted Garlic Crackers (both gluten-free). Delish.

I swear we could almost play a “Spot the Kitty” game (similar to “Where’s Waldo?”) with my photos. You can very often pick out a cat in the background!

Dan is in the kitchen right now cooking up a Goat Cheese Asparagus Risotto dish. You should see him in there with a crutch in one arm and stirring the risotto with the other. Quite a sight, but he insisted on cooking. The doctor cleared him on Saturday to start shuffling around and bearing weight, so I figured this was a good cause to do just that!

Recipe to follow tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy your evening! I’m off to see what that wonderful smell is in the kitchen.